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You never get a second chance for a first impression. A first impression almost always occurs online. The appearance and user friendliness of your website determines that first impression. Your website really is your most important calling card. Our creative team will deliver a surprising, yet effective design and optimal user experience (UX design) to ensure that visitors have the best online experience.

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A website visitor leaves when the design and technology are outdated, resulting for example, in the site being slow, not user friendly, or unsuitable for mobiles. Your website has to stand out and be more appealing than a competitor’s. A design that fits your organisation will more clearly deliver the message to your target audience. So, surprise your visitor with an eye-catching design. By using the interactive XD platform, it’s possible for the customer to follow the process and give feedback.

Corporate websites

Our developers translate the web design into a website and they create an optimal user experience. We develop our websites primarily with WordPress and we build conforming to its user friendliness. It goes without saying that every website will be delivered responsive, which means that the site will be optimally displayed on any device and screen size. The build and design will also help facilitate search engine results for the website.


Are you looking for an (action) page that a visitor lands on after, for example, an online or offline advertisement? A landing page is the perfect opportunity for this. With a landing page you reach potential customers and you can persuade them to take action. We build user-friendly, responsive and SEO-friendly landing pages that suit your company, service or product.


A webshop offers the perfect opportunity to easily reach the consumer with your products. Our webshops are versatile and very easy to use. In a short time we can implement it and fill it with content. The webshop is built according to the most modern guidelines and user-friendly for both entrepreneur and user. We always strive for the same goal: to ensure that the visitor places an order.

What does the realization of a website look like?


Together we discuss the purpose, wishes and possibilities of the website. We make an inventory of all input and put together a project team. This results in an internal kick-off of the project and the designer gets to work on the design.


The designer provides a web design that fits your organization and the purpose of the website. Is the website purely informative? Or is it just an action page? We ensure that the message is clearly conveyed. Through the interactive XD platform it is possible as a customer to watch during the process and to give feedback. After agreeing on the design, the web developer gets to work.


Our developers translate the web design into a website and create an optimal user experience. We mainly develop our websites with WordPress and build all templates in accordance with the standard. We consider purchased 12-in-a-dozen templates a no-go. Every website is of course delivered responsive, which means that the site is optimally displayed on all devices and in every screen ratio.


When the website is ready to go live, it will go live. The developer ensures that the website is live and checked at the specified time. Congratulations, the website is live! Now the online adventure really starts.

Content and maintenance

The content management system is suitable for placing your text and images yourself without much technical knowledge, but you can also leave this to our content managers. Our websites meet all requirements with regard to security and protection of personal data, such as SSL certificates and privacy statements. They are also hosted on a high-quality hosting server. In this way the website always remains state-of-the-art and secure in terms of technology.

Search Engine Optimization

In addition to the technical basis of the site, the right content is of great importance for findability. To get high in Google’s search results, the technology and content must mainly be tailored to the visitor. The better your website meets its content needs, the better the website will rank in Google. Filling the website with appropriate content is a careful job. We are happy to help you with this.

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  • Landingspage
  • Real estate website
  • SEO
  • Corporate website
  • Web application
  • Hosting
  • Webshop
  • Management system
  • Domain management

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