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The road to your strategy


Let’s start at the beginning, the strategy. A clear strategy is the foundation of your organization’s results. A well thought out plan, based on core values, increases your chances of marketing activity success. So, start at the beginning. Dune Pebbler will help you.

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Efficient process

A clear company strategy is of great importance to the success of your business. But how do you achieve a clear and fitting strategy? The identity of your organisation is at the heart of the strategy. Everything your company does stems from your company DNA. Think of long and short-term decisions, communication and marketing activities, customer relations, but also your role in society.

What does such a process look like?

Strategic sessions

To find the right strategy for your marketing plans, we first start with the DNA. We go through a proven transparent process for this. In an average of 3 to 5 sessions, we draw up a BrandMap together with you and/or the management team/policymakers. We bring out the inside of your company. Together we map out the identity, core values and positioning of your brand. We choose a suitable location for these BrandMap sessions: with us, at your office or at an external location.

After the strategic sessions, you can blindly answer the following questions.

  • What is the reason to exist of your organization and what are the associated ideals and ambitions? Mission
  • What does the relevant future of your organization look like? Vision
  • Which norms, values and beliefs apply in your organization? Core Values
  • What is the required formula for success? Critical succesfactors
  • What targets are there in the short and longer term? Targets
  • What strategy will you use to achieve these goals? Strategy
  • What are the necessary measures and improvement actions? Scenarios, planning and actions
  • How is the strategic change process monitored and managed? Performance-indicators

Summarize the answers to the above questions and you will get the BrandMap as a result. A compact document in which your organizational identity can be seen at a glance and not a paper tiger as a book.

Get to work!

From now on you can base all your strategic decisions on the BrandMap and we start to work on the marketing plans. A renewed, clear company identity demands a matching house style, a powerful website or a successful campaign. Do you want to know more about the BrandMap or are you interested in what we can do for you on a strategic level? Then please contact us and we’d look forward to talking to you.

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Establishment of Dune Pebbler

When the founders of Dune Pebbler -Alex Kulk and Ivo Vittali- were determining the outlines of their organisation, they used the help of a BrandCoach.

We can help you with this

  • Corporate identity/DNA
  • Strategic sessions
  • Company compass

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