The road to your strategy


Let’s start at the beginning, the strategy. A clear strategy is the foundation of your organization’s results. A well thought out plan, based on core values, increases your chances of marketing activity success. So, start at the beginning. Dune Pebbler will help you.


From strategy to execution


Step by step we determine the strategy and we carry that through into concrete marketing and communication plans. The strategy’s starting point is your company’s identity, the company DNA. Everything your company does can be traced back to the company DNA. Think of short and long-term decisions such as:

  • Product and services communication;
  • Interactions with customers and employees;
  • But also, the role your organisation fulfils in society

A clear company DNA enables you to achieve better results and to optimise branding.

We don’t believe in a lengthy trajectory and endless conversations. We believe in an efficient process consisting of transparent sessions held in a reasonable time period of approximately 3 months (start to finish). In, on average, 3 to 5 days our BrandCoaches together with your management team will determine the company profile. And they will then decide on a fitting strategic approach for your organisation.

The result of our sessions is the BrandMap. The BrandMap shows you at a glance -literally on one sheet of A4 paper- the complete playing field your organisation is in. Competition, target audience, desired organisational shift and importantly: the value proposition and core values of your organisation. Every future decision can be based on and mapped to the BrandMap.

Establishment of Dune Pebbler


When the founders of Dune Pebbler -Alex Kulk and Ivo Vittali- were determining the outlines of their organisation, they used the help of a BrandCoach. In this blog Ivo talks about starting Dune Pebbler.

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