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You recognise a strong brand from a distance because it has a well thought out and powerful design. A logo, (online) banner, magazine, poster, business card or the complete house style of your organisation. Our designers are excited by creative and challenging issues. By thinking out of the box and giving their creativity free reign, the designers at Dune Pebbler produce original and effective designs for varying corporate expressions and promotion materials.

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Who are you? What do you stand for? And what do you do? This is all expressed in a logo and house style. Our designers transform your identity, through empathy and creativity, into a unique graphic design, a logo and the entire visual presentation of your company.

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Print work

The value of print design is often overlooked. However, it plays a big part in this digital world. An informative company brochure, an action flyer, original business cards, shiny magazines and eye-catching posters. Whatever you want, we love to come up with new and crazy concepts.

Content creation

After the foundation for your corporate identity has been laid, it is time to give substance to it through content creation. Content creation ensures that your brand remains relevant and stands out among your target audience(s), but it also comes in many forms. What do we mean by content creation? All information that is valuable, relevant and fascinating for your target group. From social media content, e-magazines, social and online advertisements or advertisements in local media. To videos, high-profile photography or (3D) impressions. It is all part of the complete picture of your organization’s (online) presence. And this is not complete without a strong image.

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Web design

A website is often viewed as the corporate communication channel of an organisation. The first impression is so important. A potential customer can lose interest if your website doesn’t look professional and current. The website of your organisation needs to stand out and be different, but moreover it needs to convey a clear message. Images that speak to the imagination and powerful letter types, in short, a design based on user experience (User eXperience, UX design). You can leave it to our designers. They’ll come up with a modern and unique design that will pleasantly surprise the visitor.

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  • Logo
  • Flyer/poster
  • Brochure/magazine
  • Branding
  • Promotional items
  • Social media
  • Video
  • Advertisements
  • Web design

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