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Building a strong foundation

Real estate marketing

Dune Pebbler has had real estate marketing experience since 1987. We help, among others, construction companies, project developers, estate agents, building corporations and towns, to market their building projects. The client has the building plan, we have the marketing plan.

From project style to logo to brochures, from press release to website, from social media campaigns to newsletters, from professional real estate photography to video and from artist impressions to the culmination of putting it up for sale.

Together with an eye-catching marketing plan we leave no stone unturned to achieve the optimal result; a good house sale.

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How do we work?

The Dune Pebbler approach is defined by years of experience, innovation and being proactive. Today, in the real estate sector it’s important to be distinctive. The client wants their project to be a success with optimal results. We want that too. Together we’ll make a difference. Start at the beginning and think from the perspective of the target audience. We research the target audience with scrutiny. What are their wishes and motives? How do we reach the potential buyers? How do we get them excited and can we spur them into action?

Step by step to the desired end result

Unique storytelling

A project name, a fitting logo and styling are the foundation for communication. Slowly but surely a digital and/or printed sales brochure, and an eye-catching website follow. The right content (artist impressions, furnished floor plans and attention-grabbing print work) helps develop online campaigns, ads, mailings and project signs, and it propels them. Depending on the project, and in consultation with you, we determine which marketing tools are suitable. Every project is different and demands its own approach. That’s how we remain distinctive.

Successful start of sale

Right from the start of our collaboration, we’re working behind the scenes to gather interested parties for the project, and in turn we inform them and create interest. Think of things like periodically sending mailings, updates, surveys and/or an e-Magazine. That’s how we fill a database full of potential buyers. When the sale starting date has been determined, we can roll out the marketing campaign together. Ads go out, the project sign is placed at the building location, the extensive sales brochure goes to the printers and the project website with sales information goes live. Our years of experience with real estate communication and our passion for creative problems enable us to better serve you. Together we’ll ensure a successful sale kick-off.

We can help you with this

  • Naming
  • Project logo
  • Project styling
  • Brochure
  • Website
  • Flyer
  • Billboard
  • Interactive home map
  • E-mail marketing
  • Online and offline advertising
  • Social Media
  • Artist impressions

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