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Reaching your target audience together


Increasing the visibility of your organisation, product or service, finding the right target group and achieving commercial goals. We will help you with that. Together we will work on the marketing plans of tomorrow, both online and offline.

Starting from a strategic base we work towards concrete marketing campaigns, both online and offline. It’s the combination of online and offline that will strengthen the message of your organisation. It’s important to keep the target audience in mind at all times. Who’s the target audience? Where’s the need? And how do we reach the potential customer? The marketing specialists at Dune Pebbler will happily find the ideal marketing mix for your organisation, product or service.

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Online marketing vs. Offline marketing

Using online as well as offline campaigns will increase the visibility of your company or brand. Your credibility and range increases. The combination of both has an impact on all channels.

Furthermore, you can show a different from of creativity offline and reach a different target audience.

Online marketing

Having a good online presence of your organisation goes without saying. Besides having a modern website, a measurable newsletter and an online campaign, there’s more that can be done. Dune Pebbler would gladly show you the possibilities. Social media advertising, re-targeting, SEO and Google ads. With those your organisation, product or service will be visible and searchable anywhere online.

The biggest advantages of online marketing are the measurability, the speed and the reach of a campaign. And it’s possible to change course where needed to achieve the best results for your goal. Think of more website visitors, greater name recognition, increased interaction with the target audience and a greater range. An online campaign stays active and keeps running. If you want more interaction with your target audience you need to be present online.

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Offline marketing

These days a large chunk of the marketing budget goes to online marketing, but one forgets that customers can be reached offline as well. Eye catching and beautiful print work most certainly adds value to the branding of your company.

An informative company brochure, an eye-catching poster, an action flyer, original business cards or a fantastic (real estate) brochure. Besides print work you can also think about surprising give-aways or practical gadgets in your house style.

Together with our partners we deliver high-end print work in various forms and sizes

Marketing-as-a-Service (Maas)

Organizations often have the man and woman power internally, but are just looking for that piece of marketing knowledge to be complete in that area. With our Marketing-as-a-Service we are an extension of the organization. Together with the customer, we develop content, from video to texts, from photography to animations. Together we set up online newsletters, provide short-line marketing advice, put our designers to work and initiate online campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

We can help you with this

  • Copywriting
  • Video
  • Content management

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