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What drives us

Our values

Dune Pebbler was created by combining the former Dune ad agency and the Pebbler web marketing agency, both located in Katwijk. Dune ad agency already had more than 30 years of experience with real estate marketing, and more recently creative marketing in a broad sense. Pebbler (the web marketing agency) started in 2011 and in a short period of time acquired a strong position in the region, in the area of web development and online marketing.

The two agencies worked together frequently as a mother and daughter company. After the takeover of Dune by Ivo Vittali and Alex Kulk, the organisations merged, which led to the creation of Dune Pebbler in June of 2016. A new name, a new company. That in turn demands a new inspiring direction. We work from a core set of values. Our core values are indicative of who we are and what we’re about. Togetherness, Humour, Human focus, Passionate common sense and Talent, that’s our core. This is what’s important to us.